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Wilbertz group’s digital strategy helps to plan and strategise digital marketing activities for best effect and to ensure that our clients receive the greatest return from their digital campaigns. An integrated strategy gives a foundation for all the key online marketing activities we recommend in the Smart Insights RACE digital marketing planning framework .

Digital strategy has become an expansive term, and it’s getting to be more and more of a priority in the minds of executives. It’s also become an increasingly popular topic in the news. To put it generally, it is a plan of action designed to achieve business goals via the implementation of digital initiatives.

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Forming a successful strategy partnership

When you commit to working with a team on digital strategy, you want to be confident that they know what they’re doing. In our years developing strategies, we understand what clients need from a strategic team:

Engagement. Curiosity is the mark of a strong strategic partnership that means, your strategy team should show a deep interest in your business and your customers from day one. Increase sales from existing customers by improving personalized communications using web, email and social media marketing

Ingenuity. Your strategists shouldn’t be afraid to apply past experience – that’s part of their value – but they should demonstrate the ability to meet unique problems with truly unique solutions.

Actionable Thinking. Your team should make a point to follow “This is what we can do…” with “…and this is how we do it.” Because, good strategists are always weighing risk and reward, gauging what’s feasible and what isn’t.

What a digital strategy should include

The foundational layer of digital strategy is your basic business model. A business’s use of digital can’t be examined in a separate petri dish; it’s integrated into the organic whole of how a company runs, as well as what they aspire to be. Building upwards from the basic business model, we look at people, process, plartform,products,channels, experience and customers  (  Our  top priority in is to ensure that we have the right mix of skills in our team to work across the entire transformation lifecycle.

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Digital Strategy Experience

Our digital strategy focuses on multiple digital touchpoints to ensure customers have a seamless experience. This include reviewing the website, mobile site, mobile applications and in-store digital devices. We design perfect systems that are attractive and functional, built with the target audience in mind too.  Our Work


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Why brands need digital strategy?

Businesses today differentiate not on product or price, but on the quality of the experience they provide. And customer experience is increasingly digitized. If you can impress demanding customers with a frictionless journey, you’ll win favor, engagement, and market share. But the question is: what do your customers really want?

Over 10 years of experience have shown us one thing: quality digital experiences need a strategy driving them. We’ve helped countless customers draw actionable digital roadmaps, launch new websites, and create the apps and experiences that help them compete and win

Key to Growth: Formulation and Evaluation of Digital Strategy Sentientic

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  • Key to Growth: Formulation and Evaluation of Digital Marketing Strategy?
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