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Founded in 2009, Wilbertz Group has went far ahead than its competitors. Our developers are expert in bringing your ideas to life. We  provide solutions for ecommerce development and design and payment gateway solutions making us one of the leading company in Cape Town, South Africa. Our passionate and talented teams have expertise in creating new and effective ways to make your online solutions reach new heights. Wilbertz Group have delivered 250+ eCommerce stores in different business domains and countries based on client’s store implementation.  Being the best eCommerce website design and development company, we build powerful eCommerce solutions that provide a premium shopping experience to customers.a

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Ecommerce Development: Responsive website

A responsive or mobile-friendly website is specifically designed to resize to fit on all devices; the website changes to fit the screen of the device, providing a better experience for the websites end-user. At Wilbertz Group, we develop responsive mobile-friendly websites that are compatible across all browsers and devices for the best user experience. Our core services are original website design, all aspects of website development including responsive programming for mobile devices, website maintenance, hosting, email marketing, ecommerce development, digital marketing and social media campaigns.

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ecommerce development

The benefits of a mobile/responsive website

As you can imagine having a responsive website has become important due to the fact that many people are browsing on search engines from their mobile devices. An unoptimized website will frustrate a potential user from browsing your website possibly losing a potential lead. There are also search engine optimization benefits involved and Google will rank a well optimized website ahead of one that hasn’t been optimized for mobile devices. (

Why you need a responsive website

  • There is only one version of your site, served up to multiple devices. This makes managing your website content much easier. (
  • There is no need for complicated re-directs to mobi sites.
  • Your site will display correctly on every device. All fonts and images are scaled accordingly.
  • The user experience is not compromised or diminished across devices.
  • When it’s time to increase your reach online, one of the first things to consider is a website.
  • When it’s time to increase your reach online, one of the first things to consider is a website. (

Ecommerce development

The eCommerce site proves to be a convenient option for clients from all across the globe, which boosts the number of buyers and the number of orders. We believe that by leveraging the flexibility and features offered by the ecommerce development platform, we can save website development time and therefore cost.  We support every eCommerce site or store we create, and are always accessible in case you discover any issues or need enhancements made to your eCommerce application.Our main aim is to offer affordable website design that doesn’t compromise on quality.  

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Our eCommerce development process

Our process has been tested in eCommerce builds across industries over many years, efficiently delivering great sites. 


We start every engagement with a detailed discovery to understand what makes your business tick. From there, we present you with a variety of recommendations that align with your business and technology needs. This helps us distill the business requirements that will inform the choice of technology.


Our certified eCommerce designers work with our development team to lay a strong baseline for your store’s functionality. Using your overall strategy, we create your site’s wireframes and architecture.


As an end-to-end eCommerce development agency, we regularly strategize, plan, design, and write outstanding eCommerce sites. Our designers create modern interfaces that bring your site’s concept to life. We use imagery, illustrations and animations to increase engagement and inspire conversions.


Our team is certified in eCommerce website development and brings your design to life with responsive and custom functionality. From private app development to custom extension development with third-party tools, we help you get the most out of your existing technology stack.


Your site is only as good as the traffic it attracts. That’s why our marketing team works directly with our developers to optimize your website content and products to display in organic search results.


Whether you’re transferring existing content or migrating your entire eCommerce catalogue, we’re here to make sure it goes smoothly. Then, we help you optimize your content for readability, load time and responsiveness.


We incrementally improve your site by running A/B and multivariate tests. We edit calls-to-action and button color to create a cycle of constant optimization – ultimately improving your site’s performance.

Front-end  and back-end Ecommerce development

An eCommerce site build is overseen by a technical Project Manager, who collaborates with project Account Director to keep the timeline, budget, and work quality on track. We work effectively in either Waterfall or Agile (using Scrum methodology) as the project demands.

 Backend website development is where all the technical parts come in that create a functional site. Custom code written in HTML , Javascript and PHP allow you to make more than just a good looking website. Our development teams are fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS and Javascript. With our range of partnerships, we have expertise – including many certifications – for a wide variety of CMS options.

CSS is also part of website programming which allows you to create the visual look of the website design. (

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