Information Architecture + UX

Information Architecture + UX

If you want to build a great house, the person to call is the architect. We all know this, but architecture can be applied not only to traditional buildings but also information space. Similar to buildings, information should be structured with a solid foundation. At Wilbertz Group we understand the basic principles of good information architecture and its importance when developing websites for our clients.

Information architecture is vital if you want users to understand your product enough to enjoy it. You want to create a structure that your users can not just understand but also predict – so people don’t need to go in circles looking for information and can learn their way around your product easily.

Information Architecture + UX

Information architecture is all about organization of information in a clear and logical way. Such organization follows a clear purpose helping users navigate complex sets of information. Information Architecture is the creation of a structure for a website, app, or other products, that allows users to understand where they are and where the information they want is in relation to their current position.

The organization and division of content is known as information architecture (IA), and it is a crucial aspect of UX design ( Without proper sorting, most users would be lost and confused when navigating your website or app – rendering the real value of your product moot. After all, what good is an awesome feature if users can never find it? 

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Information Architecture + UX

The value of Information Architecture + UX 

The main goal of well-informed architecture is to help users to complete tasks and goals more effectively and efficiently.  Time is the most precious resource people have. Becuse we live in a world where people expect to find a solution to their problems with the least amount of effort. When the process of finding information is too complicated or too slow, there’s a risk that people will simply abandon it. And when people abandon an app or a website, it’s more difficult to bring them back. A  clear Information Architecture  helps users to easily complete their tasks and find a product more usable. Good IA makes it possible for a user to focus on their tasks, not on finding their way around.

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Information Architecture + UX 2

Our IA / UX process

Our process is flexible depending on client needs, but the basics are always the same. That is to turn a deep understanding of users into an intuitive experience.


Uncovering the business context

An IA / UX engagement starts with an understanding of the business goals driving your project. So we can set project goals and objectives and ultimately define success.

User Research

Keeping it user-centered

User research can take many forms. Semi-structured interviews, surveys, and user testing can all yield priceless insights, supporting later decisions with valid data. We work with you to decide what kinds of user research make sense for your needs and budget. But we find user research is an investment that pays off in higher ranking site performance.

User Testing

Seeking feedback early and often

The ultimate test of any experience is how it performs with actual users. We use tools such as Optimal Workshop and Lookback to facilitate testing such as card sorting, first click testing, and task analysis. Again, we work closely with you to understand what kinds of user testing will make the most sense for your project.

Persona Creation + User Journeys

Putting research to work

A persona is a fictional representation of a specific audience for your digital experience. It puts a name, face, and a story to a group of users. But, a user journey shows how a representative user accomplishes a task, mapping all key touchpoints along the way. These powerful tools are packed with insights about your audience, ensuring every decision we make is focused on your users.

Sitemap / App Map

Creating the Information Architecture

This is the Information Architecture part of the story. A Sitemap or App Map shows how each page or screen fits together within the experience. It also shows how users will navigate the experience to accomplish their desired tasks. The Information Architecture helps us understand the effort needed to build out all the pages, screens and functionality required by the site.

Wireframing + Prototyping

Drawing up the blueprints

Wireframes are representations of pages or screens. Prototypes take it one step further and show how important functionality will work. Wireframes and prototypes are not designs, but show the flow and key interactions to guide the UI/visual designer, who will use these blueprints to make the design mockups look spectacular. 

Documentation and Tech Specs

Ensuring a smooth handoff

Our UX team works side-by-side with designers and developers. They’re used to creating hyper-detailed specifications showing exactly how each interaction will work, so the experience can be built with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.


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