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Mobile App design

Wilbertz Group is a specialised mobile app design and development firm with expertise in Agile and UI/UX based delivery. Practically overnight, mobile has become the primary way users engage digitally. And today, audiences judge brands by the quality of the experience they provide. Without a seamless mobile experience, you risk being written off as a waste of time and space. Apps are not the only way to conquer mobile, but they’re a powerful tool. Further, they’re natively mobile and give you a permanent presence on devices your customers check over 50 times a day. With over a decades of experience in digital, Wilbertz Group team understands what goes into truly intuitive and engaging mobile experiences. For clients ready to break into the app marketplace, we’re an end-to-end partner for mobile app design.

What is Mobile app Design

Mobile app design is the task of designing mobile applications. Even though mobile apps have a wide variety of uses, what unifies them is the need for optimal usability, accessibility, engagement, and overall user experience. In short, addressing all the above concerns. Mobile app design is a little different than mobile web design. So, we need to bare this in mind when designing to ensure we approach it in the right way. Great design is critical to the overall success of your application. It makes the difference in getting more traffic, converting users to leads and increasing ROI. The better the design, the more users feel engaged with your app. (

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Designing for the user

Downloading a mobile app is a commitment. If consumers are going to find your app and integrate it into their routine, the experience must keep them coming back. That starts and ends with the user:

Listen to the user. Your app design agency should be invested in understanding the needs of users, and how your app might meet those needs. Otherwise, there’s no reason to believe people will use it.

Design for user needs. Naturally, you want your app to look good. But great app design never complicates things; it gets out of the way and lets users do what they need to do.

Test with real users. You never really know until you test. Once your agency thinks they have everything just right, they should be letting users go hands-on with the product and prove them wrong. This feedback is key for designing an app that actually understands its audience.

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 Our App Design process


Our process incorporates extensive user research, strategic insight, and experience-driven design. This helps to create websites that engage users and deliver business results.

Discovery + User Research

We start every eCommerce design project by conducting stakeholder interviews, and combing through data and industry trends. This enables us to get a clearer picture of your business.

Understanding your audience is just as important as knowing your business. Hence our team zeroes in on your audience’s problems, needs, and motivations. This helps discover what their interests are and what drives their shopping behavior.


Plotting the course for success

It takes a team to build a strategy. So, once our research is completed, an experienced website strategist pulls together experts from multiple disciplines. Then they gather insights and set strategic direction.

Once we’ve identified the way forward, we present our findings and recommendations to your team. Additionally, we lay out the next steps for designing your eCommerce website.


Building your storefront’s foundation

Our UX team takes learnings from our strategy to create a sitemap.  A sitemap is a blueprint for the site’s structure and hierarchy. At the same time, our team puts together a list of technical requirements and specifications for the site. This helps to ensure it performs as intended once it’s developed.

Moreso, with the structure in place, the UX team creates wireframes that show page layout and interactions. Also, they ensure that every scroll and click turns into a positive and cohesive experience.


Creating experiences that convert

Design is where the experience truly takes shape. Starting with an exploratory session, we work collaboratively with your team to define the website’s visual style.

Working from the wireframes. A designer brings our strategic concepts to life by creating mockups of key site pages for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

eCommerce Website Development

Making your new marketplace

If we’re developing your eCommerce site, this is when our team turns form into functionality, breathing life into our designs and adding the features that ensure optimal performance. [link to eCommerce Development]

If you have your own development team ready to execute, we hand off spec docs and visual guides to streamline the dev process.


Testing + Launch

Ensuring everything works perfectly

As part of development, we provide QA and testing to ensure your eCommerce website is fully functional. Running tests on over 100 checkpoints lets us check your site’s performance, reliability, and security and confirm it meets benchmarks. At that point, we’re ready to launch.

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